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Many trade schools have specific schedules and financial obligations that simply won’t work for the person with kids or a day job that wants to better their career in the medical field. The Medical & Dental Assistant School of Dallas strives to make your education a comfortable life choice with our tuition and enrollment options.

Enrolling in one of our training programs is a straight forward process and staff at MDAS is always available to help.

Regardless of the program in which you wish to enroll, the first step is the same: submit our online application. The online application will collect your basic contact and previous education information that all vocational schools need to have on file for students.

We recommend completing the application using a computer, laptop, or tablet with a large screen. To verify your identity, it will email you a temporary password so you can log in, so you will need to be able to access your email account to retrieve the password.

After submitting your online application an admissions representative from MDAS will contact you to walk you through the enrollment process.

Step One: Apply Online

Education without Student Loan Debt

Keep in mind that the cost of attending the Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas is not going to be the same as a university or similar, larger trade school. These schools can cost students upwards of $15,000.00 and force them into taking out student loans that rack up debt.

At our school, no debt means no problems. Our courses are affordable enough that students are able to pay out of pocket for valuable services that:

  • Train them in essential skills
  • Teach them valuable trade secrets
  • Earn them a coveted license.

Affordable Payment Option

The Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas does not have available financing or student loans. However, the cost of the course is a fraction of what it would be at another institution.

Our staff understands that not everyone has the money to pay up front, and that is why we have available payment plans as an option for our students. With a reasonable down payment, you can quickly be on your way to a new career with the Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas.

Year-Round Enrollment

Classes at our school fill up fast. That is why we offer year-round enrollment that gets students lined up for the next available 5-month course. Our enrollment window is open until classes fill. Reach out to our enrollment team to find out about the availability for when you want to start courses.

Apply Today Before Classes Fill Up

If you are ready to get started in your career as a medical or dental assistant in Dallas, sign up today while classes are still enrolling. Contact us today to find out about our payment options and how to get the enrollment process started.

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