Medical & Dental Assistant School of Dallas FAQS

How long is the program?

Our program is 5 1/2 months. By the student reading and testing at home, this allows us to focus on the hands-on skills that are needed here at the school, in which we use Blackboard Coursites.

What is an externship?

An externship is the portion of your training that allows you to practice with an actual doctors’ office and his/her staff. This is the most exciting and important part of your training. We will match you with a partnering doctors office that we feel suites you the best.

Why do you only train 10 students at time?

The courses are very hands on. In order for each student to get quality training we keep classes small to give each student teacher dedication.

Can I register for a class in advance?

Yes, we do highly recommend students registering as soon as possible due to limited sitting per class, which is 10-12 students.

What is the training difference between this school and bigger schools?

  • We will only train 10 students at a time
  • We are a full time school so If you need help we are here outside of class times to help.
  • You can expect for your skills to be better because this course is mainly hands on.
  • You will finish in a shorter amount of time.
  • You will be debt free.
  • You will have personal mentor ship along the way and after you graduate.
  • We get to know our students personally and you will have access to your instructors personal cell phone number and are free to call/text anytime.
  • You will receive the same licence and certificate that you would get at a larger school for half of the time and a fraction of the cost, without being in debt.

How many days a week is class?

The current class schedule is twice a week for lab training for the first 4 months(16.5 weeks), after this there is 1 month of externship required(160 hours). The externship portion is a full time requirement. Call us for details.

Is there a demand for healthcare workers?

Yes, healthcare is a job field that will always be in demand. As long as people are still around, skilled healthcare workers will always be needed.

When done with the course will I be certified?

Yes, When you are done with the course you will be given a certification of completion and will become certified through the National Health Association as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. Dental students will receive a licence through the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners as a Registered Dental Assistant.

Does the school accept financial aid/student loans?

No, we do not accept financial aid. The school is open to the public but can be considered like a private school. It is self pay. We do have payment plan options. Student loans are not the route to go when doing a healthcare training course in our opinion. Bigger schools will charge over $​17,000 for their cost of training and with high interest loans. We like for our students to be debt free.

Who runs the school?

Our school is run by our amazing instructors and support staff. We believe it is our job to be on each students team for success. With that being said our ultimate responsibility is to our students so our school is licensed and regulated by the:

Room 226T
101 East 15th Street
Austin, Texas 78778-0001