Medical Assisting Programs in Dallas, Texas

Become a student at the Medical & Dental Assistant School of Dallas. Become licensed and registered in an intimate, private school setting, located in the heart of the Metroplex. We are a small institution that is proud to offer programs that rival much larger trade schools in the industry. Our school is part of a niche industry and is ready to get your career started.

Medical Assisting CourseDental Assisting Course

Why Be a Medical or Dental Assistant?

As a medical or dental assistant, you are important to the success of the office that you work for. It is a demanding career that is suited for those wanting to make a difference in the medical field. Some of the benefits aside from helping people are:

  • Being able to work with a healthcare team
  • You can work in a variety of healthcare settings
  • You will learn the necessary skills to advance in the field
  • The healthcare industry is currently booming
  • You only work when clinics or offices are open

Flexible Course Schedules

We offer a six-month program with classes that have flexible schedules to fit your everyday lifestyle. Most trade schools are run by physician owners that see their programs as secondary income. We stand out from this crowd by being a committed school all week long.

The staff at the Medical & Dental Assistant School of Dallas makes our students our primary focus, with tutoring, evening, and weekend classes are always available.

Affordable Tuition

Our programs give you the same licenses that larger schools and universities can, but at a fraction of their price. Since we are a private school, we do not have available financing or student loans. That is why we strive to make our programs affordable, and provide payment plans for students who need further assistance.

The Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas is Prepared to Welcome You

If you are ready to make a difference in your life or the lives of patients in your area, the Medical & Dental Assistant School of Dallas is ready to welcome you to our programs. Contact us today to find out about enrollment and how to get your career started as a medical or dental assistant.

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